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Question: What is a “Raphi” in poker and where did it come from?

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by CC

Great Question Lisa, I will do my best to explain it.

“Raphi” or “Raphied” Pronounced “Rafi” is a poker term coined in Canada’s poker Capital Edmonton Alberta.  It was first used in Clinton Beck’s Friday night Pot Limit Omaha home game.  The poker term was lovingly coined after world famous pediatrician Dr Raphael.  Dr. Raph as his poker friends call him is famous for making big plays in Omaha only to find that he is drawing dead.

The terms definition is a little difficult to explain.  The easiest thing to compare it to would be in chess if you put yourself in “check mate”.  You would have “Raphied” yourself.  The term is used in Omaha when you unknowingly push all your chips into the pot only to find that all your outs are gone and you are drawing dead.  You are there for “Raphied”.   In a poker game you may use the term in a sentence.   You would say after seeing that you are drawing dead, “Ah shit, I just Raphied myself.”  or if the turn card in Omaha takes away all your outs you may say “You donkey! you just Raphied me!”  The term “Raphi” is used as a noun to describe a “Donkey” in Omaha who gets his money in behind.  “I’m such a “Raphi” or “You Raphi”.

If anyone has a great poker question, please email and we will do our best to answer it. Clinton Beck


Best Month In Poker In 3 Years

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by CC
Clinton Beck Professional Poker Player

Clinton ending his best weekend in 3 years. Up $3,650.00

The last few weeks have been a blood bath for my opponents.  I tried to make things up with with my friend Paul, only to be in a situation where I had to check raise him and see another explosion.  I thought I was being nice to show him I had him dominated again.  We are talking again so I hope things are good.

I had the pleasure of bluffing a young military man.  He was a very aggressive player and I knew I had his number.  We ended up in a hand together that I raised and he called.  I had K,Q of clubs and he called with some small cards.

The flop was 458.  I bet out $50.00 into a $80.00 pot and he called.  The turn was a 10.  I had no draw or flush potential.  I checked he bet $100.00 and I called.  The rive was a 6.  I checked to him and he bet $100.00.  I came over the top and re -raised him $150.00 more.  He sat and thought for 5 minutes on what a horrible situation I had put him in.  Finally he said he believed me that I had the straight and folded his two pair.

Clinton's Pyramid Of Doom

I showed the K high bluff and his head turned as red as a tomato and I thought he was going to pass out.  He told the dealer to deal him out a few hands so that he could regain his composure.  He was rattled bad and I thought there was a good chance I could get his remaining $300.00.  Well 30 minutes later he made a  huge mistake when he tried bluffing me “all in” when I had the nut straight and a flush backup.  He got up said “I don’t hate you , but I do want to kill you!” in  a friendly manner.  We all had a good laugh about that one.

Saturday night I was unstoppable and I finished the weekend by busting my friend Glen when I hit my gut shot straight against his set.  All in all it was an awesome start to spring.

Clinton Beck, The Greatest Poker Player In Edmonton!

Posted on: April 4th, 2012 by CC
Clinton Beck

Clinton Beck in one of his many disguises. Here we see him as “Mr. Best”

Clinton Beck, described as the luckiest man alive by his peers. He is known for his aggressive, fearless and deceptive tactics. A brilliant strategist and a world class athlete, his play has been described as that of a genius and a madman. Opponents fear him, hate him and love him. Many opponents describe night terrors after playing him, waking up in a cold sweat screaming his name. Others just nausea and diarrhea.

He is a no-limit Texas hold’em specialist. If you make it to the river he usually has the nuts, or absolutely nothing. If opponents fold, they look like a fool. If they call, they lose all their chips. When asked how he can beat his opponents on the river 97% of the time, he describes seeing visions of a mechanical monkey banging symbols in his head.

He plays daily until he is tired and never longer than 8 hours. His loud laughter sends shivers down his opponents spines. He is envied by men and worshipped by woman. He has the charisma of a cult leader, the wisdom of the Dali Lama and the radiant glow of an angel. If you are unfortunate enough to have him sit at your table, you will probably lose all your chips, but you will have have a story for the rest of your life.